Bat for Lashes - Widow's Peak

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Lirik Bat for Lashes - Widow's Peak

Come under with me
Through young girls' dreams
Don't wake me up too soon
There's a halo on the moon
You hunger, I'll thirst
Pink stars do burst
God of lightning, goddess of fern
A map to memorize, a lullaby to learn
Come on darling, take me there
Where red clouds blew and fill the air
Where my purple hear beats to your jet black snout
Up on poiny point if your dare
You're my blood, you're my wine
You're my mountain to climb
Say you're mine, you're mine, you're mine

Bride in the fog, and no way out
Can't see my own hands, can't hear a sound
Where angels conspire and heroes do drown
I am lost in the mire upside down
Is that my soul on fire whirling by?
Take a walk, man of god I just want to die
I tell you my friend
The widow is on my trail
You'll hear her, you will know her
The chill on the skin, the song on the wind
To wonder, to roam, to never know how
To lie under a sky of blood reds and pale blue
To trail ten thousand miles in a dead man's shoes
There's a demon loose, a demon loose
I can't get home, I can't get home
For the road is a snake of mist
And the shadow of a rebel's fist
His jacket on my back, his bones on the shore
But the secret of dreams is to dream up a door
A portrait of him, a picture of her
A keyhole in a Douglas fir