Blood Orange - Orlando

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Lirik Blood Orange - Orlando

Dreaming a battle (get it)
Give me time
Walked these steps before
Sixteen-year-old boy
To feel so numb that it's deafening, walls'll give in
After school, sucker punched down
Down and out
First kiss was the floor

First kiss was the floor
But God it won't make a difference if you don't get up
Tell me the song, song
I'm no [?]
What they want me to think
But I'm changing the state
All that I know was taught to me young
Seen it all before

First kiss the floor
First kiss the floor
First kiss the floor

(Shoot, baby, shoot)

Live for the floor...

"You know, it's an insult we often put onto
Livin' for what?
A lot of folk is, like, oh, you're doing too much
So like, a couple years ago I was like
You know what, my resolution, my eternal resolution will be to
Stay in your course
To do too much
Yes, I love it"