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[Verse 1: Jude Ciulla]
Lookin' back we was like Kim K and Ray J
We ain’t meant to be, but that doesn't mean we can't share it
Climbed up the stairwell, everything now is parallel
Left Shangri-La and it felt like my parent’s house
Rick Rubin came down to meet us
He look just like Santa, he gave gifts like Santa
Then drove off in a Tesla

[Verse 2]
Baby boy, you better get up outta bed
There's a world out there that wants to get inside your head
I woke up, everybody wanna talk
'Cause the line suddenly got very short
What you want? (What you want?), I ain't gotta put you on (I ain't gotta put you on)
Who you are (Who you are), isn't one of my concerns (Isn't one of my concerns)
On a flight, touching down

[Verse 3: Sawyer Nunes]
You will say we threw it all away (Even in the romance)
Feelings that we're sharing will decay (Where’s your ride home, man?)
Armadillo, your shell’s so tough
Why don't you answer me when I call?
Please say you’ll stay
Just for the day

[Chorus: Jude Ciulla]
Tryna catch my thrills
Tryna catch my thrills
Tryna catch my thrills for too long now
Tryna catch his thrills
Oh he's tryna catch his thrills
Tryna catch his thrills, but they're gone now
Gone now, ooh

[Verse 4: Sawyer Nunes]
Waking up with you on weekends
We always sleep in
Was charging my phone when you told me dig deeper
But I'll just sit back and admire your features
We’ve come so far from when no one believed us
Help me change back into forms I remember
When spring came to an end you were just a friend, and I couldn't read you
You we're just probably confused, I'm not the type to make moves
But, something was different with you, I walked a mile in your shoes
And I'm not used to wearing masks all the time
I got used to changing faces on a dime
We can talk about my life for a change
Open up and let me fill the space
I'm not ashamed of my past, I'm just gon' look to my future
'Cause I'm just so scared I'm gon' lose it
And I let them down every time that I leave, it ain't hard to see
So, where do I come in?