FYKE - Disorder

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Lirik FYKE - Disorder

All the voices shout together
When I'm still awake
Oh, What's the words?
I can't remember all of my mistakes
No escape
What's that you say?

All my friends inside of my head keep shouting "disorder"
When I replay the things that I've said
I wish it was over
Let them say "I'm better off dead"
Just trust me I'm closer
Can't save myself inside my hell
Someone send some help
For my disorder

When I think I see the center
That's when I feel safe
Some days are worse and some are better
Only God can save what I break
Why am I this way?

I'm somewhere close but can't let go
Lost my mind but kept my soul
Moved so fast I couldn't just stop and catch it
I don't want their pills for self control
I swear that I'm closer
To finding that piece of my mind