Kaiser Chiefs - Half the Truth

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Lirik Kaiser Chiefs - Half the Truth

Girl and boy
Everything in full swing
Heads or tails
Doesn't make a difference
Beneath the glamour
There was always gonna be
Amateur dramatics
A lot of bad behaviour

I would see
Glasses on the table
One two three
But only you and me
Wearing nothing
In the lap of luxury
Sipping slowly
Not a leg to stand on

Take my money
Waste of paper
Leave the table
Bad behaviour

I got my spies
Sitting with me constantly
To be my eyes
And tell me what I see
Cos a ghost
Don't feel love or nothing
Teflon cow
Get ready for the credit clobber

Secret mole
Getting it together
With a big bowl
Of alphabet spaghetti
Watch the birdie
Looking through the mirror
Polly want a cracker?
That's not what I heard

Turn off your recorders
I can hear them buzzing
From inside of your tracksuits
Got to get to
Where this woman
Is threatening to sue me

Get right back
Back to the beginning
Where we start off single
And everything's in full swing
Everyone's around you wearing big old hats
Come on
I'm playing the piano now

I will not lie to you
But I definitely only gave you half the truth
I will not lie to you