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Jay Park - Who the Fuck Is U (feat. B-Free & Take One)

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Lirik Jay Park - Who the Fuck Is U (feat. B-Free & Take One)

[Jay Park:]
I said ugh
This music scene is going backwards
What? It discriminates the real artists
Guys put on makeup thicker than girls
They dye their hairs like girls and say it's manly

WTF? I'm not "pretending" to do hiphop
This isn't "acting" or "a concept", whatever I do it's hiphop
If you do fucking childish things and think it's cool, you're mistaken
If you've done this for a while, then move out the way
From now on till forever, it's our turn

I said, BITCH
Look and see if you can find a contract like ours
Don't hesitate and switch to us
If you really like music, come follow us
BITCH no substituting
AOMG turn up we stupid
Above ordinary muhfucking music
Recognize and follow the movement

I'm a hustler on my grind yeah that's what I do
Putting on for my team yeah we getting that loot
I'm real and these fake dudes tryna act cool
Real recognize real bitch, who the fuck is you?

Who the fuck is you? Who the, who the fuck is you? [x4]

Damn, so many scary people in this world
So unhappy but they don't let it show, putting on a mask in front of others
Then they go home and talk shit in front of their computers
If I have something to say, I'll say it to your faces:

You're a fucking bitch, go suck a dick, go suck a dick
You can say I don't know hiphop but I can't stand the girly shit you're doing
Your idiot rap, your soulless songs, it makes me sick
You and your CEO manipulating charts have killed Korean music

I'm hiphop not kpop, fuck you and your company
Kpop is like a crazy zoo and your CEO is your zookeeper
Raised like pets, are you that crazy for attention?
This ain't Life of Pi, I'm a wild tiger, I'll eat you all up

Like I go "do do"! at your whole crew what you gonna do?
I ain't social, piss off, don't act close to me, step back I don't know you
Dirty PDs, fuck you TV, fuck you panel, fuck you, fuck the world
Welcome to new Seoul Hi-lite AOMG we'll flip this game over


[Take One:]
Everyone's working hard for nothing, a man's honor is as good as his bond
Take some time and reflect on yourself, then you'll know
But you just write down lyrics without meaning
Those lines are a sin, go watch the noose and suffocation at the concerts

Hey you smart high schoolers, write some lyrics for them
They don't know, they're dumber than middle schoolers
The number of likes and followers have become more important
Can't help it, that's what feeds them

I wonder how long this taste will last until they fall
Since they place more value in connections than skills
Since the public hasn't even felt my beat yet
Since the public only wants good looks

Those brothels are disguised with dance and song
I go to the broadcast companies but there's no senior to greet me
Write down our names, B-FREE, Take One, Jay Park
We'll never dye, we're a different color, green I

[Jay Park:]
If you knew how much I made, you'll be shocked
Your faces would turn bitter
Living so well that my stomach is about to explode
Fuck all your raps, pretending to be hard, cursing in your poor English
You're the ones who make our culture look fake
All of you bastards piss off, piss off

Aight bitch I'll show you
You think that shit's funny? You're killing the culture
"Park Jae Bum, he can't rap, he's just an idol
Hiphop is unpopular on TV so he got kicked out to AOMG"

But now hiphop is "popular" and you all come to use it? Know this
You hire ghostwriters, wear trendy clothes and just imitate the feel
We're fools who only know hiphop, money makers to other companies
Artists these days are too trapped in their companies
So they lose their senses and make no improvements

Everyone's so busy looking at each others
Thinking "it's hiphop if it looks cool on the outside"
Cutting down the value of hiphop with weird music
If this is you, I have something to say: Please snap out of it

And I ain't even done yet, I said:
Everyone and anyone is releasing diss tracks to get their names known
I hope what you're spitting out is real, spit out what's real
Shout out to the real ones (hip-hop) we're the leaders
Real recognize real, don't have to say it cause we know

Wait, do I... do I know you? I don't know you son what?!