Jessica Mauboy - Used2B

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Lirik Jessica Mauboy - Used2B

[Verse 1]
I know it's been a little tough lately,
You've been looking kind of worried baby,
Like you don't know what's going on with us,
You get lost and then I get sadder, we forget about the things that matter,
We should have a little faith in us for once,
It can't always be perfect, gets better then gets worse then,
Just proves that we're still learning, baby I know

It gets so hard,
Sometimes we aren't quite like we used to be you and me
But we've got no scars and it's been so long my love is strong,
Strong as it used to be, you and me, we still belong,
(We used to be, you and me baby)
(We used to be, you and me baby)

[Verse 2]
There's nothing more important to me,
Than to make us all we could be,
I'll be sure to always take the time, oh,
Know my world revolves around you,
I'm who I am because I've found you,
I'd never take for granted that you're mine,
No no no,
I love you so completely, come kiss me softly,
I need you like you need me, baby I know


[Verse 3]
We'll make it through together,
I'm giving it all, I'm giving it all to you,
Baby I swear I'll never, never gonna let you slip away,
We'll make it through together,
I'm getting it all I'm getting it all to you,
It's you and me forever, baby I know that it gets


We belong, ohh
We belong, ohh