Artist : Glimpse Of Us X Pyramid Topeng Team Remix
Title : DJ Topeng
Duration : 04:37
View : 2.6K
Source : Youtube
Type of file : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)
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Lirik Glimpse Of Us X Pyramid Topeng Team Remix

She'd take the world off my shoulders

If it was ever hard to move

She'd turn the rain to a rainbow

When I was living in the blue

Why then, if she is so perfect

Do I still wish that it was you?

Perfect don't mean that it's working

So what can I do? (Ooh)

When you're out of sight

In my mind

'Cause sometimes I look in her eyes

And that's where I find a glimpse of us

And I try to fall for her touch

But I'm thinking of the way it was

Said I'm fine and said I moved on

I'm only here passing time in her arms

Hoping I'll find

A glimpse of us

Tell me he savors your glory

Does he laugh the way I did?

Is this a part of your story?

One that I had never lived

Maybe one day you'll feel lonely 

And in his eyes, you'll get a glimpse

Maybe you'll start slipping slowly

And find me again