Artist : Agnez Mo Feat. D Smoke - Patience Acoustic
Title : AGNEZ MO
Duration : 03:23
View : 15.4K
Source : Youtube
Type of file : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)

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Lirik Agnez Mo Feat. D Smoke - Patience Acoustic

I need patience with myself first

I gotta do the work

Let’s wait until it’s right

I’ll take my own advice 

And sit still til the windshields called eyelids learn to let all the tears that I ain’t cried out 

We can’t forget to breathe

I let a sigh out 

You used to threaten to leave but never signed out

I’m only angry if I find out 

That you only telling the part of the truth that don’t water the roots

Of our tree we carved and it grew and then harvested fruit 


Let’s take a bite up out it 

We can make this love instead of fighting bout it 


We could shake this feeling if we write about it 


Process all our trauma get insight up out it 


With the gun in the air we off to the races

But it’s a marathon let’s give it patience 


Stop a minute

Wait a second 

Why you rushin

I thought we were just vibin’

Just vibin’

We in a good space

Same page

Can’t complain

I aint fuckin nobody 


We ain't even gotta there

Already got me babe

Oh yeah 

Oh yeah 

Cause when you learn to love yourself

Can give the love right back

Oh yeah oh yeah 

Just have a little


You’re dealing with my heart just have some patience

Cause I aint like those other girls im 


I am not yo hobby

I'm not just any body 

so please just have some Patience

Our eyes 

Don’t lie 

Blurred lines

Its so strong we can’t hide it

Although I want you 

There’s rules

So nothing can be done

Until I decide it

So don’t try it

Free me 

Free me from these reservations 


Nobody can love me like you

I give in

Dont let this body go

But can’t nobody know