Artist : Little Big Town - Vapor
Title : tnthorses
Duration : 04:13
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Source : Youtube
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Lirik Little Big Town - Vapor

Sitting by the bedside
Held his hand and kissed his face
Then he closed his eyes
And i watched him slip away
Seems like only yesterday
He was young as i am now
So now the beat of the past
Yeah time is turning fast

I wanna live
I wanna love
Like one more day is
Never too much never enough
I wanna drink in
Everything that i can
Life is a vapor
Fire and paper
Gonna make the most of it before its gone

When i lay my head down at the end of another day
Did i keep it all to myself
Or did i give my love away
Did i hold who should have been held
So they remember just how i felt
Did i say what should be said
Will i wake with no regrets


Ther was a man who walked the land centeries ago
He brought water the thirsty heart
And food to the hungry soul
He was here only thirty three years
But his life changed to world
And he gave up all he had
I wanna leave a legacy like that


Life is a vapor fire and paper. [x6]
Gonna make the most of it before its gone