Artist : Sing-off Tiktok Songs Part Vi Yamet Kudasi, It's Only Me Vs Mirriam Eka
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Lirik Sing-off Tiktok Songs Part Vi Yamet Kudasi, It's Only Me Vs Mirriam Eka

Matt Maltese – As The Worl Caves Ini ( Sarah coothran ver)

Oh girl it’s you

Sezairi – It’s you

You’re my love my life my beginning

Marshmello x Jonas Brother – Leave Before You Love Me

I’m sorry l, gotta leave before you love me

Lil nas x – montero

Cocaine and drinking with your friends,

You live in the dark boy i cannot pretend

Abba – Dancing Queen

See that girl, watch that scene digging the dancing queen yeah

Doja Cat – Need To Know

You’re exciting, boy come fond me,

Yoi’re eyes told me ” Girl, come ride me”

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no

You’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down

David Guetta – Hey Mama feat Nicki Minaj

You Beatin, my drum like dum di di dey,

I love the dirty rhtym you play

I wanna hear you calling my name like jaey

Mama mama

Hey mama mama

Justin Bieber – Hold On

Take my hand and hold on,

Tell me everything that you need to say

Cuz I know how it feels to be someone

Fells to be someone who loses their way

Lisa – Money X Lalisa

Dollar bills, dollar bills keep em’ falling for me

I love the way it feels

Call me lalisa love me lalisa love me

I came here to drop some money,

All this bread so yummy yeah

Cl – Hello Bi+ches

Deungjangeun chachacha Ttwijattwija bangbangbang

Diseuko pangpangpang

Hello Bitches

Coldpay X BTS – My Universe

You, you are my universe yeah

You make my world light up inside my universe

Somi – Dumb Dumb

Yeojaui maeumeul neomu molla neon

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

You’ll see me in hindsight

Tangled up with you all ninght burnin’ it down

Jennifer Lopez – On the flooe feat Pittbull

La la la la

Tonight we gon’ be it on the floor

Tove lo – Habits

High all the time to keep you off my mind oh

Mahalii – Melawan Restu

Mungkinkah aku meminta kisah kita selamanya

Tak terlintas dalam benakku bila hariku tanpamu

Lyodro – Pesan Terakhir

Genggam tanganku sayang, dekat denganku peluk diriku,

Berdiri tegak

Arsy Widianto, Tiara Andini – Bahaya

Jika memang ku harus pergi,

Yakinlah hatiku Qmuhh

Demi Levato – Heart Attack


Glow but i cover up won’t let it show,

I think i had a heart attack

Billie Elish – Happier Than Ever

I don’t relate to you, cuz i never treat me this shitty

Astrid S – Hurts So Good

When it hurs so good do you take it,

do you break ot off

Olivia Rodrigo – good 4 u

Good for you, you look happy and healthy

Not me if you ever cared to ask

But you so unaffected

I really don’t get it but

I guess good for you

Dewi isma – Yamet kudasi

Yamet Kudasi, yamet kudasi

Bang yamet parake dasi

Ckay – Love Nwantiti

Uncle, your body dey baka mi si ( uncle)

Baby make a bad man sing oh

7!! – Orange

Amegari no sora no you na kokoro hareru youna

Shine Of Black – Jang Ganggu

Wadu wadu jang ganggu

Yang itu sa punya jang ganggu,

Ko pi car yang lain

Kekeb J – Its only me

Sendiri ku berharap,

Memberi kasih walau tak kembali,

I maybe not yours and you’re not mine,

But i’ll be there for you when you need me

Its only me believe me girla its only me,

Yeah its only me..

Feels like i’m always waiting,

I need you to come get me

Out of my head and into you arma tonight, tinight

Haaaa… Haaaaaaaa…