Nipsey Hussle - Blessings

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Lirik Nipsey Hussle - Blessings

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
I got it
You like the way I play the cards that I'm dealt, huh
You like how I came up and stayed myself, huh
All that shit I said on my tapes niggas felt, huh
Got it, can't lose it gotta turn it into wealth, huh
Like how I go hard and never fell, huh
Like I how stayed down and lift the world up
I sold out judging by the sales, huh
I'm a heavyweight judging by the scales, huh
My name ring bells plus it sell tickets
As I push past these thousands to these mil tickets
Hatin' niggas get some bread you gon' feel different
And you can feel Nip from looking at the world different
All black kids all trapped in
All waitin' on a day that we can back in
The all black Benz with the black tint
Cause now you worth something, nigga that's what that meant
Gold rollies, gold cubans
Made what you make off going gold way before music
Keep them squares out my circle, nigga no Rubik's
Cause niggas learn you just to hurt you I'm like no Judas
Summertime, top off
Fake ass Louis, knockoff
Young nigga, lost cause
And till I pray to God that we all ball
(Dear Lord, please Bless us)
Bless us with discretion not to blow this dough
Bless us with the strength not to fuck with hoes
Bless us with the gift of real loyalty
You know the type, he facin' life you pay the lawyer fee
Bless us with abundance let us ball hard
Protect us when they threaten us with a false charge
Bless us lord cause niggas with the extras Lord
Help me let the weight of what I made steer my direction more
All black leather, new coupe
Night vision in the dash make the moon blue
Nudie jeans on so my denim fresh
Making death threats but they ain't did it yet
Need to get some cash, fuck it get a check
But look, hop the fuck off this young nigga dick
I'm ballin', yo bitch callin'
My shit poppin' and yo shit keep floppin', look
Came in this game all the killas with me
Travel around the world I brought my niggas with me
Play the game right I build the foundation
Stay solid while these hatin' niggas stay hatin'
Summertime, top off
Try not to get your head knocked off
Young nigga, lost cause
Until I prayed to God that we all ball