Nipsey Hussle - Noah's Ark

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Lirik Nipsey Hussle - Noah's Ark

And all i rap is that...
real nigga, real nigga shit (yea)
only rap it if i did the shit (look)
on a mission on some killer shit (huh)
obligated by the ignorance
we was...
raised in it so we living it
lifestyle of the lost illegitimate
kids of fathers who never was a figure in...
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they life & now the world gotta deal w/ it
they might lock him up if he innocent
but they won't restore ways to prevent the shit
you know, youth centers, small businesses
but you know, who does gangbanging befit? (look)
They got prisons on the stock market
this is not preaching, this is not smart shit
this is survival, nigga, Noah's Ark shit
grind hard style and high par shit.....