Olympia - Self Talk

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Lirik Olympia - Self Talk

Dragged through two parties
Couldn't find a sucker I could kiss
Friends won't share
When I'm like this
The house I grew up in in
Lost the illegal build
Your heart still sends pain from
Where wings were

The world is full of edges
Think I'm coming down
The world is full of edges
Lost and found

In the night you drank
Taking in it all
When you talk to her
Lonely hearts will call

The TV's broke
Men waiting for their looks to come
At court, at the shot-end of the bar
I'll be ok
A world that breaks can be saved
Petals from blown roses

In the night we drank
Taking in it all
When I move to you
Lonely hearts self talk

I tried to tell you
Look under sky
Not into
Larry Walters reached that high
Fell'd stars
On his way back
Now you've lost it all
There's just self talk
When all you want is love

And they're sending prayers by email
This week's consolation prize
Coming down, violence of vectors
Dull car wash party balloons
We all want photos as heroes
Sometimes we're the steak knives
Worn mix-tapes of all your failures
Play out in your head all night
City inside won't forgive you
Nothing that you say seems right