Sam Fender - The Borders

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Lirik Sam Fender - The Borders

We were like brothers
Everybody said we looked the same
You we're a little taller, and broader, and bolder
We were afraid of your mother
Hell, she used to hit you so hard
And your dad took off when you were a baby
And you still hate me for my dad stuck around
You pin me to the ground
Eight years old with a replica gun pushing in my skull
Saying you're gonna kill me if I tell
Never did and I never will
That house was living hell
Come on!

I remember when my mother when she found a new man
And your mother thought she found a partner
A father for you, no wonder, you can't stand me
I can't stand me, too
I can't stand me, too
Oh, your God mother, repaired the anger in me
Spoke with me like I was an adult
Who didn't take sides and didn't turn me against my dad
Then she took those pills and now she's gone

See her in the night
In the corner of my eye
And I see her in the night

Heard you glassed a boy back in the borders
Some naughty family boys are after you
You pinned me to the wall and said my mother
Stole your inheritance from you, oh yeah?
We ain't got a penny between wuh
Holding up this tin that we live in
You pinned me to the wall and smashed a bottle
Your eyes, the door to Hell and all within