Shaggy - Wrong Move

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Lirik Shaggy - Wrong Move

First of all, I man praise the father
Proceed the order, who can hear feel it harder
Brave enough fi creep cross we border

Bail out fi Lord, a mercy when we ketch you pan we corna
We won't retaliate unless provoked
No need to question loyalty 'cause I defend my folks
I won't allow my friends to be the butt of all your jokes
You try pass, a this reggae pass gets revoked
So me know dem cah hold weh
Thru thick and thru thin nah stop till we win
Dem cah control weh
All the rights we defend, we have a fight till the end
No par wid, no phoney
Thru thick and thin nah stop till we win
That's why dem cah hold weh
Mi neva say, nuff a dem try fi reel me, dem way beneath me
Still yah and dem still cah believe me
See say dat the business it nedd me, music it feed me
Cah have the followers a lead me
You notice how we live, I set the trends
Dem how you tik we get dem sexy gal yah pan we ends
We live by certain standard, certain rules we neva bend
A death before dishonor dat