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Snoop Dogg - No Thang On Me (feat. Bootsy Collins)

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Lirik Snoop Dogg - No Thang On Me (feat. Bootsy Collins)

Ya know I've been around the world and hey, hey, hey,
I've met a lot of people and what I've come to find out is
That people are the same, they all share the same fears
Share the same tears, and I over the years
So, I'm just gon be thankful to get what I got
And hold onto what I have can you dig that?
And what I do, I do for the benefit of me and my kids
Dig that,
Talk to me
I'm so glad I've got my own
So glad that I can see
My life's a natural high
And they can't put no thing on me
Its something kind of funny
How the man take your money
Be sure as he can be
Its such a way you'll never see
Its a terrible thing inside
[When your natural high has died
What we can't turn to dope
And put all aside the hope
Twinkling tinkling (?brings, blings, binds?)
We do all sorts of things
While you're in a modest place
Your conciouses only peace
Yeah I had to make peace with myself you know what I mean
I been getting high for the last what 15 20 years
So I told myself I want to know what it feels like to be high fo life
And I mean man I tell ya it feels real good
You know coaching them lil kids out there on the football field
Doing my thug thizzle still but you know
Just being high for life is a different feeling
You should try it my brother I'm telling you its a great feeling
Can you dig that
I can dig it
More and more you grieve
(sing that song nephew)
Until you grow another need
You claim this fantasy
You'll have no reality
Darling take a listen
This may be something that your missing
I know your times are funky
But you don't have to be no junkie